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Free Prosperity Poems - See These Gorgeous Backgrounds - One New Poem Every Week!

1. As A Man Thinketh: Get your free version of this timeless classic by James Allen. You get both the PDF book and the full Audio version of As A Man Thinketh So Is He. The Title of As A Man Thinketh was inspired by a verse from the book of Proverbs in the Bible (Proverbs 23:7). See the As A Man Thinketh Video.

2. The Eight Pillars of Prosperity. The Eight Pillars of Prosperity, by James Allen. This famous work by the author of As A Man Thinketh will help you use the pillars to solidify your prosperity foundation. Do you think you know what the eight pillars are? I bet you don't. See the Eight Pillars of Prosperity Video.

3. As A Man Thinketh New Version: I translated As A Man Thinketh into a New, Revised, and Updated Version. It's a lot easier to read, and is more personal too. You can compare with the original. Download your As A Man Thinketh New Version Here.

Path to Prosperity Book Cover4. The Path to Prosperity: This is another classic Manifesting Text by James Allen. I think this book is even more powerful than As A Man Thinketh. Cultivate your own prosperity by downloading The Path to Prosperity Now. Learn to achieve.

Note - the four books above are all by James Allen! He was an incredible thinker. Now check out these books by Genevieve Behrend.

5. Your Invisible Power: At this site you get to download your own free copy of Your Invisible Power, by Genevieve Behrend. Learn about how to create Mental and Physical form, and about the Order of Visualization. 17 Chapters in all.

6. Attaining Your Desires: This book is another classic by Genevieve Behrend. Abolish adverse conditions and get what you want. Make your subconscious mind work for you. Download Attaining Your Desires, to strengthen your will.

7. How to Live Life and Love It: Another book by Genevieve Behrend. In this book you Attract Health by the law of Instantaneous Healing. Enjoy your supreme self freedom through Creative Energy. Learn How to Live Life and Love It.

Would you like a Free Guided Wealth Meditation? Just enter your first name and email below to get your own 8 Minute Wealth Meditation Audio. You can listen to it over and over again:

The imagery in this Wealth Meditation is soothing and beautiful. You'll also receive another secret bonus, and news of other Mind Power Books as they are created for you. You can unsubscribe at any time.

8. Mind Power: This is a book by William Walker Atkinson. Acquire all the channels of influence, and use the Mental Dynamo Principle. Implement the Secret of Manifesting with this William Walker Atkinson Mind Power Book.

9. The Science of Getting Rich: You've most likely heard of this classic work by Wallace Wattles. Discover your right to be rich, and how riches come to you. Get your Science of Getting Rich Free Download now, and start to think in the "Certain Way".

10. Audio Version of the Science of Getting Rich: You can also get this MP3 Audio version, and resolve to listen to a chapter a day on how to get rich. Download your Free Science of Getting Rich Audio and begin to listen today.

About The Science of Getting Rich

It was the Science of Getting Rich book that started me toward success. I was working in a prison at the time, but within a year I had my own home based business! I remember the shivers running up my spine as my vision of the future enlarged and changed.

What was possible for me literally changed as a result of reading this book.

It can do the same for you. I highly recommend reading it.

Christopher Westra


11. The Science of Being Great. Yes, this is also by Wallace Wattles. It is a companion book to The Science of Getting Rich. Reveal the source of Greatness within you. Get your Science of Being Great Free Download, and expand your principle of power. You get the Science of Being Great Audio also.

12. Free Guided Meditations. Get three Free Guided Meditations from my friend Matt Clarkson, and get a free Meditation Timer also. The three meditations are a Manifesting Meditation, an Inner Guide Meditation, and a Gratitude Meditation.

13. Online Holographic Creation Sheet. This one is actually a Free Mind Power Tool.

Use this sheet for daily help in manifesting what you want. Just fill in the blanks and push the button. With the Online Holographic Creation Sheet, you fill in the Emotion and the Image Detail and launch your creation to the universe. Use it over and over again to Create Your Reality.

Free Mind Power Books Man Standing14. Build Your Self Confidence. Another interactive site, this one gives you positive Confidence Builders to counteract all the negative in the world. You are unique, powerful, and bold, and this Build Your Self Confidence site tells you!

15. Manifesting Secrets. Enter the Enchanted Forest and discover your Three Untold Manifesting Secrets. You also get Three Holographic Time Exercises as an added bonus.

16. Manifesting Tools. Get a free book on the principles of Successful Manifesting. Explore the source of happiness, and the 10 impeding beliefs that prevent you from getting rich. Download your suite of Free Manifesting Tools here.

17. Positive Emotion List. Watch this fun Kokomo Emotions Video and download your free PDF Versions of the Positive Emotion List and Negative Emotion List. Get into the best state of mind, and use these emotions for manifesting.

18. Fun Creativity Test. Take this Ten Second Fun Creativity Test to see how creative and powerful you are. This is one to share with your friends. Connect with your Creative Center Now.

19. Mind Reader Puzzle. Follow the five simple steps to see the Mind Puzzle work for you. Engage the Mind Reader Puzzle today and figure out how it works. Then see if your friends can find out how the reader works!

20. My Secrets of Success. These are my own (Christopher's) 47 Secrets of Success. Thes habits and ideas have worked in my life. Start to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals in your life. Get these 47 Secrets of Success and use your imagination to prepare for events.

Concentrating Mind Power Woman Picture21. Go Beyond The Secret. Seven specific ways to go Beyond The Secret. You enjoyed the movie of The Secret, and now learn more about matrix building and the spiritual blueprint process. Get the seven ways to Go Beyond the Secret and change the "tattoos" on your mind that limit your life.

22. My Free Mind Movies. Get your six free pre-made Mind Movies about Wealth, Spiritual Fulfillment, Health and Fitness, Family Relations, Perfect Man, and Perfect Woman. Download your Six Powerful Upbeat Free Mind Movies and watch them whenever you want.

23. Thoughts Are Things. Learn about the material mind vs. the spiritual mind via Prentice Mulford's book Thoughts are Things. Prentice Mulford's book is full of gems on manifesting, mind power, and attaining happiness.

24. The Master Mind. My boy Conner formatted this powerful copy of Theron Q. Dumont's book Master Mind, in which you will learn to take charge of your mind and your own destiny.

25. Ten Years in the Future Site. Do this Ten Years in the Future Interactive Exercise to Visualize where you really want to be. This exercise will help guide your yearly, monthly, and daily manifesting. Focus on the end result you want.

The Power of Reading Good Books

"You will be much the same person five years from now, except for the people you meet, and the books you read."

Nearly every great idea, success, and positive change in my life was sparked by a powerful book!

26. How Do I Create Reality? Get your free Money Meditation MP3 and a report on Raising Your Vibrations and Shaping Reality. When you go to the site "How Do I Create Reality", you also get access to the Holographic Creation Sheet.

27. What Is Brainwave Entrainment? Fire up your brain. Get your free report on the Six Benefits of Brainwave Entrainment. Get your brain into Holographic Mode.

28. First Chakra Video. Open your chakras, boost your manifesting skills, and break through limitations with this First Chakra Video. This is the First Chakra Strength and Safety Meditation.

29. Serenity Prayer Video. Watch this Serenity Prayer Video and get your two free Serenity Prayer Posters. Choose between the Sunset Beach Poster and the Mountain Waterfall Poster.

idea made real cover30. The Ideal Made Real. This Classic is by Christian D. Larson. Make the Ideal Real in Your Life and Attain the Path to Perpetual Increase by Downloading and Reading The Ideal Made Real by Christian D. Larson.

31. The Master Key System. Reveal the World Within and Cultivate Your Power of Attention with The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel. Solidify your Master-Mind skills and much more. Twenty Four Original Lessons.

32. Dynamic Thought. Work with your Infinite Mind and Banish negative thoughts and ideas. Reveal your true mental power by downloading your copy of Henry Thomas Hamblin's book Dynamic Thought.

33. Power of Concentration. Get your free copy of Theron Q. Dumont's book Power of Concentration. Acquire wealth with less effort, abolish bad habits, and learn to create what you desire in the mental world first.

34. The Mastery of Destiny. Another book by James Allen. James Allen was an incredibly gifted man and taught many The Mastery of Destiny using the Seven Tools of Mind Power.

35. In Tune With the Infinite. This Classic is by Ralph Waldo Trine and was the inspiration and guide for many other New Thought Authors. Henry Ford attributed his success to the inspiration he received from his copy of In Tune With The Infinite.

36. Your Forces and How to Use Them. Go after the best in life with a zest in life, and cultivate any talent you desire, with your own copy of Your Forces and How to Use Them, by Christian D. Larson.

37. The Miracle of Right Thought. Attract lots of money and accomplish anything you undertake to do. Abolish the enemies of your Happiness with The Miracle of Right Thought, by Orison Swett Marden.

38. Moving Optical Illusions. Check out these fun illusions, which help you to see that you do organize and create your perception and reality. Get the Rocket Launch Illusion, the Leaf Illusion, the Sucking Vortex Illusion, and more!

39. How The Mind Works. Develop the Mind Power you yearn for --it's in How The Mind Works, by Christian D. Larson. Learn how to benefit the entire race with your talents, and make more money in the process.

40. Prosperity - How to Attract It. Eliminate the Poverty in Your Mind and make all your wealth dreams come true by downloading and reading Prosperity, How to Attract It, by Orison Swett Marden.

41. Flower of Life Pendant - Get Your Own Flower of Pendant Design and "Sacred G" Trancendance Benefits. Integrate your heart and mind and access cellular healing and rejuvenation.

42. The Life Triumphant. Master Your Own Fate and Destiny and Practice the Mindful Transmutation of Your Energies by Discovering and Exploring The Life Triumphant, by James Allen.

43. Best Tools For Online Profits. Get Free - Top Ten Tips and Ideas for Creating Internet Profits, including subscriber lists, affiliate programs, and how to create multiple streams of profits.

44. James Allen Daily Meditations. Get the best of the writings of James Allen, organized into daily excerpt meditations to inspire and uplife you every day. Get your James Allen Daily Meditations Book Here.

45. Practical Mind Reading. Learn how to use your brain to transmit and receive different frequencies to pick up thoughts, transmit ideas, and manifest your dreams. Get Practical Mind Reading Today.

46. The Magic Story. Download and Read The Magic Story PDF and let this famous story change your life and fortune for good. Become what you have it within you to be.

47. The Heaven and Hell Story. Watch the Video of the Heaven and Hell Story and Get Your Free PDF Copy of the Story, plus other stories, including The Arrows of Wisdom, King Solomon's Ring, and The Dancing Rabbi.

48. My Power Verbs List. Download a Free complete list of hot action power verbs to enhance and explode your communication, both speaking and writing. You also get a sample sentence for each Power Verb!

49. Foundation Stones of Happiness and Success. Live by the root principles of a happy life and attract the best results during your entire life. Grab your own copy of Foundation Stones of Happiness and Success, by James Allen.

50. Health Benefits of Chia Seeds. Get Ten Free Chia Seed Recipes - 9 of which are simple and completely raw and vibrant. Lose weight and increase your energy. Try these fast delicious recipes now.

51. The Kybalion. Learn the ancient Hermetic secrets of Vibration, Correspondence, and Gender, and open up your life to Greater Success. Get Your own Free Copy of The Kybalion.

52. Mastery of Fate. Learn to concentrate your thought and acquire a state of self-supremacy as you Master Your Fate by Reading Mastery of Fate by Christian Larson.

53. Financial Abundance Dream Programming Audio. This Free Audio will communicate with your subconscious mind and pre-program your dreams for financial abundance. Get your wealthy and abundant mindset now.

54. The Greatest Thing Ever Known. Discover who you really are and build confidence in your manifesting skills. Apply Divine Energy to your daily life with The Greatest Thing Ever Known.

55. Memory Culture. Get Your Free book by William Walker Atkinson on increasing your Persuasion, Success, and Memory. Cultivate your powers of observation with Memory Culture.

56. Thought Vibration Audio. Attract the positive into your life by understanding how thought vibrations work. This freebie give you the audio of the book Thought Vibration, by William Walker Atkinson.

57. The Way of Peace. Find Inner and Outer Peace today. Learn to focus your thought power and attract peace and eliminate discord by getting this free Audio verion of The Way of Peace, by James Allen.

58. Above Life's Turmoil. Crystallize your Internal Happiness and Heal Past Traumas completely by downloading and reading Above Life's Turmoil, by James Allen. Learn to guard the portals of your mind.

59. The Science of Being Well Audio. Wallace Wattles wrote this companion volume to go with The Science of Getting Rich and The Science of Being Great. Revitalize Your Life Force with The Science of Being Well Audio.

60. Free Weight Loss Audio. This Mind Programming Audio will change your mindset so losing weight is easy, natural, and fun. This audio will communicate with your subconscious mind and preprogram your dreams. Get Your Free Weight Loss Audio today!

61. The Path of Prosperity Audio. Learn to Direct Your Personal Force and Crystallize the Wealth you desire by listening to The Path Of Prosperity Audio, by James Allen.

62. The Heavenly Life Audio. Enjoy Unbounded Confidence in Your Personal Power and Maintain Peace in Holographic Consciousness. Download and Listen to The Heavenly Life Audio, by James Allen.

63. The Mastery of Destiny Audio. Use the Seven Tools of Mind Power and Transform Your Mind and Your Life by listening to The Mastery of Destiny Audio, by James Allen.

64. Above Life's Turmoil Audio. Get Your Complete Audio of Above Life's Turmoil, by James Allen, and Boost the Power of Your Mind.

65. How To Live On Twenty Four Hours a Day, by Arnold Bennett. Listen to this audio on how to make your time productive and achieve all your goals and dreams, in How To Live On Twenty Four Hours a Day.

66. Acres of Diamonds Audio. Download the World-Famous Acres of Diamonds Audio in Story Format and Learn to Seize the Opportunities You Have in Every Life Situation.

67. Mental Efficiency Audio. This is another Classic by Arnold Bennett. Expand Your True Mind Capacity and boost your Manifesting Skills by listening to the Audio of Mental Efficiency, by Arnold Bennett.

game of life cover68. The Game of Life Audio. Download the Audio Version of The Game of Life and How to Play It, by Florence Scovel Shinn. Attract Prosperity into your life and Erase all Fear from your consciousness.

69. The Greatest Thing in the World Audio. Get the full audio (plus other addresses), by Henry Drummond. Use the Power of Love in Your Life with The Greatest Thing in the World, by Henry Drummond.

70. The Science of Being Great Audio. Harness Cosmic Intelligence and Expand Your Personal Power by listening to the Audio Version of The Science of Being Great, by Wallace Wattles.

71. The Art of Public Speaking. Boost Your Confidence in Every Situation and Multiply Your Income by downloading The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie. Use this to increase your persuasive skills.

72. Positive Emotions List. Get this Free list of Positive Emotions that will help you increase your Emotional IQ and actually manifest faster. This is a great resource for Children, Parents, Counselors, Teachers, and everyone else.

73. Negative Emotions List. Negative Emotions are a part of our life also, and we need to understand them and be able to name them. Identify them, feel them, and let them flow and go! Enjoy and Share this Negative Emotions List.

74. Free Gratitude Meditation. One of the keys to happiness is "Loving What Is" and one main way to do this is gratitude. Get Your Free Gratitude Meditation Here.

75. Ten Keys to Manifesting With Holographic Creation. Enhance Your health and wealth and shape your reality with thought, with Ten Keys to Holographic Creation (Free Audio)!

76. Free Meditation and Relaxation Timer. Relax with free music. Program the duration and the music yourself. Try it out now, and share, the Free Meditation Timer.

77. Watch This Video on The Science of Getting Rich, with inspiring and motivational ideas that will change your life.

78. Free Manifesting Meditation. Crystallize Your Dreams and Attain Your Desires, with This Free Manifesting Meditation (MP3 - 20 minutes long). From Matt Clarkson.

79. Free Inner Guide Meditation. Conquer Doubt and Fear and Expand Your Intuition, as you Access Your Inner Guide. Download Your MP3 Today of Your Own Free Inner Guide Meditation.

80. Human Emotions Chart. Get Your Free Human Emotions Chart, a New Presentation of Human Emotions by Type and Intensity. Use for Yourself or for Teaching Children or Others.

81. Guided Money Meditation. Free Audio and Video Guided Money Meditation to Empower Your Financial Success and Intelligent Income Production. The Meditation is Eight Minutes Long.

82. Holographic Belief Replacement. Here is another Free Meditation and Video for you! Take an Undersea Journey to the Library of Holographic Belief Replacement, and Gain Some Powerful NEW Beliefs.

83. Pray Online Now. Try out my Online Prayer Request Site! Just pray for the top three people and then add your name and your need and you will get prayed for. Spread the love and positive energy throughout the entire world!

84. Great Mind Power Books - Awesome, easy to navigate Collection of Mind Power Books and Audios.

85. Set Your Goals Online - and also get your Ten Keys to Goals MP3 download to achieve your goals sooner!

86. Fun Mind Puzzles - Try out these 20 Fast Fun Mind Puzzles and see how many you can get correct..!

87. Above Life's Turmoil Audio and PDF Book (Quick - no Optin required). Also stream online or read online. Enjoy this fabulous classic by James Allen and rise above life's trials to obtain more peace and happiness.


Here is a list of sites from My Mastermind Group (We-Wow: Web Empowered Warriors of Wisdom)

Unique Wisdom Gifts. Get Money Attractor Lessons, The Science of Getting Rich, a Simple and Enchanted MP3 download, Your Conscious Gift Guide, and Free Self Improvement Videos.

Valentines Day Free Gifts. Get Self Improvement Treasures, Your Focus Free Audio, Positive Emotion List, Love Your Self Hypnosis, and Your Attract Love Meditation.

Awaken Your Spring Gifts. Get Your Achieve Your Dreams without Fear Program, 365 Happiness Vibes, Clarifying Your Purpose Audio, Free Guided Money Meditation, and the Put the Spring in Your Sex Life Report.

Upgrade Your Money Gifts. Get Your Money Meditation with a Beat Audio, a Free Guided Hypnosis MP3, 6 Money Gifts for Abundance, Your Universal Intelligence Report, and the Goals and Glimmers Audio.

5 Minute Gem Gifts. Get Your 5 Keys to Goals Audio, Holographic Time Audio, Power of Gratitude Book, Six Sparkling Gems, and the Essence of Gratitude Video.

Here is a list of some of my other sites: (Many of these offer books I've written)

Light is Real. This site is a huge site full of Light Articles, free Light Cards, Light Movies, and lots of free downloads. The Light is Real site is also the home of the Perpetual Light Fund.

Here is a picture of one of the Free Make Your Day Light Cards YOU can send..!

Light Card Giving World

I Create Reality: Beyond Visualization. How to Use Holographic Creation to Manifest Your Desires. Gain confidence that your personal creations are growing. See the I Create Reality Video here. My little brother wrote the music!

Manifesting Audio Package. Start by viewing this Free Video on 9 Tools for Manifesting, and then get the whole Audio Package to boost your manifesting skills and live a happier life.

I Create Power. This is the Manifesting Membership site. Get five step by step training courses. With I Create Power, you get a free website to use while you are a member.

Royalties University. Gain online income streams. You can earn royalties from Virtual Property in Seven Days or Less. Join Royalties University and become part of the one percent of the population who understands and receives royalties. Be bold and get started today.

I Create Profits. This membership site is on creating profits online. You get 100 instructional videos with your Creating Profits Membership Site, on each step of online business. Learn to create a product, choose a domain, publish a site, create a sales page, and get traffic.

mind power woman 2Harmony Earth 30-Day Energy Diet. Get ten simple secrets to harmonize your body with the earth and increase your energy in 30 days. Step up those bodily vibrations with the new Harmony Earth 30 Day Energy Diet.

I Create Millions. Manifest your millions with 87 Specific Money Mastery Methods. Will you be one of the new millionaires? Change your foundational financial beliefs with I Create Millions.

Free Money Ebook. Get Your Free version of I Create Millions (34 of the 87 Money Mastery Methods) in the Free Money Ebook. Also sign up for the Internet Profits Newsletter.

I Create Joy. Learn the Art of Emotional Transformation. Follow the eight step process for transforming painful emotions into joy. Get I Create Joy and learn why happiness is the object and design of our existence.

Internet Marketing Newsletter. Get free instruction on how to create an Online Stream of Royalties. Learn how to create a virtual product, pick a great domain, work with affiliates, publish on the web, and much more, with the Web of Light Internet Marketing Newsletter.

I Create Cash - Cyborg Selling. Create a great royalties income online when you learn about these automatic cues to action. I Create Cash brings you powerful principles of persuasion.

Time For My Life. This isn't actually my site, but the website of my friend Thea Westra (no relation to me actually). See Time For My Life to get time for your life, 365 Stepping Stones to motivation and inspiration daily. Thea gives so much value to the world..!

Here is a list of some unique topic sites:

Green Smoothie King! Learn about Green Smoothies and get some great green smoothie recipes, watch videos, and energize your body with super healthy raw plant foods. Green Smoothies are delicious.

Food Variety For The World. Twelve Reasons to use Food Variety (lots of different foods grown locally) rather then shipping a few staples, to feed the world's people.

Diet For A Happy Planet. These are stories from a Fruit-Based Planet. The ideas on this website may be controversial, but to feed the whole world we have to move to a Diet For A Happy Planet.

potty training coverPotty Training Book - My Baby Poops. Successfully potty train your child in five hours or less - even if your child is resistant. Use the new H.E.A.R.T. method of Potty Training for you and your child.

Increased Life Raw Foods Book. This was my very first site and my very first book. Learn about the Aloha Joy Raw Food Diet.

Margies Messages. This is my Mom's Margies Messages gospel site. Get material for talks or family home evenings. Subjects include Agency, Adversity, Atonement, Charity, Children, Commandments, Education, Family History, Friendship, Forgiveness, Gifts of the Spirit, Happiness, Honesty, Kindness, Marriage, Modesty, Parenting, Prayer, Repentance, Teaching, and much more.

Proclamation on the Family. Get online text, audio, and PDF resources for this classic statement on the importance of marriage and families. You can even get the Proclamation on the Family set to music.

Temple Site. Learn more about temples and see a power point about temples at this Temple Letters website.

Living Babies. Seven eternal reasons to promote life and living babies. I approach life from an eternal perspective, and I take a stand on this Living Babies controversial website to promote them.

Here are a couple of sites with Internet Marketing Tools I've Created that make for some easier work:

confident womanThe Adwords Wrap. This site is a free tool that wraps your Adwords (for internet marketers). The Adwords Wrapper also features a real "Rap" by me, in addition to the Adwords Wrapper Tool.

Split Tester. This is another site only for marketers. Use My Split Tester for all kinds of split A/B testing of advertisements. Just fill in the blanks with your numbers and we figure the conversion rates and confidence level.

I hope you enjoy all these sites, and there is always more coming! You may bookmark the page and come back anytime. Also, feel free to share this site with your friends and family, or anyone else who would love to read these Free Mind Power Books.

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